Multidimensional Creative Overlord
Who is Voogie?
C̷̤͠r̶̹̔e̴͈͌â̶̻t̶̘̎i̶̫̍v̵̦̔e̷͚̍ ̶̙̆d̵̲̋i̸̧͑r̵̢̂e̸̗͌c̷̯̑t̸̯̑o̵͓̊r̸̻͌/̵̝́p̴͎̐r̵͍̈́o̶̻̓d̶̯͝u̵͎̕ć̵͖ȅ̴̼ŕ̶̫/̸̟̂c̶̬͌i̵̛̺n̷͎̆ẹ̵̀m̷͈̿a̷͚̎t̴̤̾o̴͍͘ĝ̴̝ȓ̸̹à̶̗p̸̦͗h̵̭̀e̷̱͝ř̷̠/̷̠̓ǎ̵̪n̷͚͑i̸̮̒m̷̬̈́a̵̩̚t̷͔͐i̶̧̔o̵̦͒ṅ̵̥ ̶̹͌a̸̯͂r̷̟̈́t̸̛̲i̸̗̿s̷͕̃t̷̲̓ ̸̺͊/̴̢̇ ̸͕̾i̷͉̚n̴͕͂v̶̨̽e̵̫͆n̶͍̕t̶̞̾ọ̸͒ŕ̸̼ ̵̟͘/̷͎͐
I'm a Swiss Army knife of creativity with 17 years of industry-bending experience under my belt. Starting out as a professional parkour athlete in Russia's first-ever parkour team, I was defying gravity before it was a trend.

In 2006, I jumped into sports photography, but let's face it: those blurry action shots weren't paying the bills. So, I leveraged my retouching skills to bluff my way into a graphic design gig at an ad agency. Knew zilch about design at first, but hey, fake it till you make it, right?

After spending a year navigating the labyrinth of traditional employment, I bid adieu to the corporate world. Fueled by an unyielding desire for growth, I plunged into action sports cinematography and unleashed my first truly viral video.

Embarking on a solo journey, I flexed my entrepreneurial muscles. I produced a feature film, launched my own production house delivering standout projects for big-time clients, and beefed up my skillset with directing and 3D animation. Now, I'm beginning to channel my passion towards the realm of video game design...

Today, I'm a master chef of a kaleidoscopic skill set, laser-focused on pioneering in 3D animation and Directing.
I'm at the helm of innovative creative crews, diving into AI tech, and making waves in the VR gaming universe.
From time to time, I craft showreels that capture my creative journey and growth. It's a quick dive into my artistry and the range of my capabilities.
Dive in and see what I've been up to!
    My creative journey has been long and my experience vast – so much so that some employers might say I'm 'overqualified' for just any gig. That's why I don't clock in for someone else; I run my own show, building companies and collaborating with brands, rather than working for them. But hey, don't justtake my word for it – let's dive into my portfolio and let the work speaks for itself.
    As an entrepreneur and producer in the creative industry, I've spent years managing artists, negotiating with clients, and crafting thousands of pitch presentations. I've taken the stage at numerous forums and conferences, constantly elevating my soft skills. Yet, throughout my career, I've never stopped refining my craft as an artist and director, staying ahead with the latest technologies, devices, and software.
    Commercial & Music Video Directing
    I am an active advertising director with signature action-cinematographer skills, collaborating as a freelancer with top-tier production companies.

    Over my career, I have produced numerous projects for brands like TikTok, Fendi, Asus, Dirol, Panasonic, Adidas, MTS, PicsArt, SBERBANK and so on, as well as collaborating with A-list celebrities...
    Creative, Film & Art Producing
    I am a seasoned producer with more than 150 projects to my name, spanning various industries from branding to creating hyper-realistic 3D avatars.

    My portfolio includes a documentary about the largest cave on Earth, collaborations with renowned artists like Pokras Lampas, Shepard Fairey, Ellen Sheidlin a feature film released in over 60 countries, and even a Playboy magazine cover.
    3D Animation & AI generation
    Over the last three years, I've dedicated myself to daily training in 3D modeling and character animation, while also getting to grips with game engines to enhance my skills as an animation director.

    During this period, I won the 'Video of the Day' award at the Motion Design Awards and collaborated with a startup focused on creating a game replica of Bali Island.

    I continuously experiment with cutting-edge AI technology to integrate it into my workflows.
    Advanced Art Direction Skills
    For over 15 years, I've honed skills across the creative spectrum, switching roles to master every facet. I embarked on this journey to gain profound expertise as a studio director and to lead creative teams with deep insight.

    I've been everything from a photographer to a game designer, including roles as a retoucher, graphic designer, AD copywriter, camera operator, editor, VFX guru, 3D artist, director, and producer.

    This vast experience makes me the go-to choice as a Creative Art-director.
    And you know what? I absolutely adore animals!

    Advanced in soft skills, pro in hard; my go-to toolset rocks:
    A curated collection of my all-time favorite projects that perfectly encapsulate my artistic vision, style, and approach!

    Producer's Spotlight

    As a producer, I specialize in unique creative endeavors. I either dream them up myself or collaborate directly with brands and top-tier advertising agencies. The range of my projects mirrors the breadth of my personal interests. Over my career, I've crafted numerous standout cases. However, the common thread weaving through all my works is a relentless passion for art, innovation, challenges, and the cutting edge of technology."
      'Hardcore Henry' Is A One-Of-A-Kind Action Experience
      Scott Mendelson, FORBES
      Craving More?
      For a seamless view of my producer's work, I invite you to visit Cameraptor's main page It's the curated showcase of my extensive portfolio.

      If you find yourself wanting more, feel free to reach out. I'm always ready to provide a walkthrough of the myriad projects that I've been a part of over the past decade.

      Or if you prefer a quick glance, simply scroll down on this page to discover a selection of my personal favorites. Each project is a story waiting to be told!

      Favorite Projects

      Think of my creativity as a bustling kitchen — always cooking up something new. I've been serving up a feast of projects over the years, creating quite the spread — one that's too rich for even a ten-page longread menu.

      So I've put together a sampler platter for you. It's a curated mix of the projects I've had a hand in, sorted not only by the project itself but by the role I played in bringing it to life. From prep to presentation, I've included a dash of backstory for each creation. Go ahead, grab a fork and dig in; there's plenty to enjoy!
        This is some Buck Wild shit! This coming from a BMF!
        Samuel L. Jackson
        Famous actor commented on the "Biting Elbows - Bad Motherfucker" music video, shot by me, on his official Twitter.
        Interviews &
        public talks

        A Chronicle of Influence...

        Occasionally, I step into the limelight to share insights in interviews, to anchor events, or deliver a speech or two. My journey has been dotted with conversations and appearances in various media outlets—some of which, like vintage wine, have become rare finds not archived on the web. But fret not! Moving forward, this page will serve as a living library, archiving all my future exploits and dialogues for easy access. Consider it a personal exhibit of my public endeavors.
          Feel free to reach out if you're up for a chat, keen on collaborating, or interested in partnership opportunities.
          PS: I'm currently living in Bali, but I'll soon be relocating to Bangkok.